Create your own oracle deck or published book

Go at your own pace and
Create your own deck + book
with this on-demand Masterclass

so you can diversify how you monetize your mojo.

Whether it’s those cute IG card of the day pics or the swoon worthy images of flat lay books, you’re not only ready to expand your offerings to include products but you want them looking fly.

I got yo’ back!

Creating your own deck or book does not have to be overwhelming. It’s doable, realistic, and totally within your means. I’ve created several decks and books, all self-produced and published via print-on-demand.

With some creative inspiration and sweat equity, you can do it too!

In SELF-PUBLISHING MAGIC, I will walk you through my process of creating a deck and publishing a book.

This masterclass is for you if you want to learn the nuts and bolts of doing it yourself. We’ll discuss how you brainstorm, design, produce, and deliver your creations. Figure out if you want to go the print-on-demand route or invest in a bulk purchase and sell them manually.

Walk away with the clarity, confidence, and courage to start your own empire of published decks and books!

Masterclass Details
Teachable Lessons

Pull out your notebook, grab some chai, and let’s brainstorm your deck + book.

Watch Me Create Magic

I’ll share my screen and walk you through the process of creating your deck + book.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll wrap up the masterclass addressing the most common issues you might deal with.

My Style & Approach:

The format for each masterclass follows the same 6 part phase of transforming an idea into something you can rock with. From ideation to execution, we’ll cover each phase with enough juicy details that you’ll want to create more than one deck and book.

These masterclasses serve 2 purposes:
  • To give you confidence so you can take that leap of faith into creating something you love
  • To show you how to “rinse and repeat” your project so that you can create as many decks and books as you want

Self-Publishing Magic is ideal for the spiritpreneurs who are ready to expand their offerings and monetize their expertise with cards and books.

Phase 1: Product Ideation

We will discuss the different types of decks and books you can create. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Tarot deck
  • Oracle deck
  • Affirmation / self-love deck
  • Workbook
  • Guide
  • Planner

Decide which are the best for your brand + business and then let’s get the ball rolling!

Phase 2: Production Planning

Now that you’ve got your idea, it’s time to put a game plan in place so you can transform it into something awesome. We’ll talk about timeline, scheduling your launch, the nuts and bolts you need to have in place in order to develop your deck and book, as well as the resources you’ll need to make it all happen.

This is where it gets real and you’ll discover just how practical it is to do all of this magic on your own.

Phase 3: Spark of Creativity

Break out the Pinterest boards, open up Photoshop and Illustrator, and crank up the Freestyle playlist from the 90s! We’re going to walk through you through the creative process of designing your own deck and book. Fun times! I know this is the goods you came for!

Don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator? No problem. You can download a free trial for 30 days at their website. I recommend watching this video BEFORE signing up so that you can get yo’ self ready first.

Phase 4: Technical Logistics

OK so technically this is the logistics portion but parts of the creative process will filter into this because we’ll be getting you up to par with the actual production of your deck and book, aka all the geek $hit you’re not looking forward to. Working with Amazon KDP will likely make you re-evaluate your decision to self-publish but trust me, get past this hurdle and you’ll feel so proud of yourself.

There’s only one on-demand printing site I use for decks so we’ll also discuss printing your first prototype.

Phase 5: Marketing Strategy

Perfect! You’ve got the deck and book. Now what? Do you set up a website, sell on Etsy, hit the local markets, or all of the above? We’ll talk shop about how to position your babies so you can get your first batch of orders and feel like the author that you truly are.

There’s more than one way to rock this hustle so don’t think you need to go with a cookie cutter approach.

Phase 6: Distribution

“If you create it, they will come” is not a great motto for any entrepreneur. Now that you have your game plan for marketing, let’s have a heart to heart about the long game. How are you delivering the goods? What do you have in mind for packaging? What about international orders?

So many Qs came up as I was doing it that I wish I had better planned out the unexpected challenges of distribution. We’ll cover all of that so you don’t get overwhelmed by it all.

Masterclass Curriculum

Get access to an intro welcome video, masterclass presentation, checklist, and instructional videos showing how I make it all happen.

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